Frequently Asked River Tubing Questions

Austin River FLoat Trip FAQs

There are many rivers around Austin, TX.  However, the best to float are the San Marcos River, Comal River, and Guadalupe Rivers (AKA the BiG 3).

Texas is a treasure trove of rivers to go tubing on.  From the south Llano River to the Comal, San Marcos River, Frio River, Guadalupe River, Medina River, or Trinity River.  Our tubing trip outfitters tour exclusively on the San Marcos River, Guadalupe River, and Comal. 

Our personal favs are the Guadalupe, San Marcos, and Comal Rivers.  However, the Guadalupe river frequently stands above all else as the best. 

you won't want to tube the rivers in and near downtown Austin.  However, with a short 25-30 minute drive you have access to two of Texas's best tubing rivers. 

Generally yes!  As with any water activity, you need to stay alert and aware of your surroundings and group.  however with a lovely year round temperature of 72 degrees and clean waters it is as safe as can be. 

Floats typically take 2-3 hours depending on how often your group stops along the way.  Enjoy the sand bars & party with the other people you meet. 

Absolutely!  All of the rivers have their own rules for what types of containers you can bring.  Make sure to check our guide after you book your trip today!

You'll want to wear a bathing suit, sandals, and make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen!  

Make sure to bring a ziplock bag to keep your valuables like phones and keys dry while floating.  Other than that you'll need common items like food, drinks, and sunscreen. 

We suggest water socks or sandals with straps to make sure you don't lose them on the float!