Here’s How To Float The River With Your Family.

We’re all looking for fun and, above all, safe family activities this year, and for those around the Austin area, what better choice than a leisurely family river tubing trip? In case you haven’t yet had the experience, tubing is the perfect mixture of relaxation and excitement, and has something to offer to family members of all generations.

So let’s take a look at why you should pick floating down the river as your next family adventure!

What Is River Tubing?  

River tubing is essentially floating down a river while lounging comfortably on an inner tube. It is both safe and relaxing, yet entertaining enough to spend the whole day floating on the water. Our idyllic location near Austin, TX as well as our knowledgeable staff ensures a smooth experience and ride, suitable for nearly all ages.

Tubing is that rare something the whole family can agree on!

Is River Tubing Safe for the Family?

While some experienced tubers choose to float the river on their own, there are some inherent risks with any water-based activity. The best way to ensure top safety is to go tubing with a professional outfitter, so they can monitor the river conditions and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Tubing is also a great choice for a fun, outdoor activity while socially distancing; although, to increase your privacy even more, be sure to choose an early-morning tubing time.

What’s The Best Way To Go Tubing With Your Family?

While you can go through the trouble of buying inner tubes, researching the best river spots and navigating there yourself, thankfully there’s a superior service available to those looking for a tubing experience of a lifetime.

By far the best way to experience tubing near Austin, TX is to use an experienced outfitter, such as Tubing Austin. Our service provides a round trip to the tubing location from Austin, TX, and includes all of the equipment you will need for a day of tubing fun in the sun.

What To Pack For Your Family Tubing Trip?

So what should you pack to get ready for a day of leisure and floating?

  • Sunscreen is always a great start to protect you and your family from the rays, but you’ll also need plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • You should also come ready with snacks and any food you want to eat along the way.
    • Some great choices include nutrition bars, chips, crackers and pre-made sandwiches, although you can bring just about any food and beverage of your liking.
  • For extra sunny days, be sure to pack sunglasses and sun hats to provide extra protection.

Final Thoughts

Anyone looking to take their family on a wholesome day of relaxation and fun should put a river tubing trip on the top of their list. If you’re in the Austin, TX area, don’t hesitate to reserve your tubing trip with us at Tubing Austin.

We take all of preparation and guesswork out of the experience, so you’re left with a day of splashing and floating in the sun and memories that will last a lifetime. Our leisurely tubing rides are ideal for adults and children alike and offer you a great way to enjoy some family time while remaining safe outdoors.

If you’re considering your next family outing in the Austin, TX area, contact us today and book an experience you’ll want to repeat year after year.